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Gallery & Tributes


"The best! The effort put into this soap definitely shows. We love it We will be buying more!"

- Amanda B.


Recently purchased a few at the Music Alley Festival in downtown Mansfield and they smell so good and make your skin feel amazing. Definitely will be buying more once we run out!" - Anita W.

"It's my favorite soap! I bought a few bars at a benefit marketplace earlier in the fall and now want more! Natural ingredients, wonderful aroma, rich lather...I'm picky and I've used several other natural soaps and this is the one I want to use more of."

- Becky S

"Denise made mini individual soaps for the Bed and Breakfast and we couldn't be happier!! They are adorable and smell incredible! Each one individually wrapped, love every aspect if these!!! Thank you Denise our guests are going to love them as much as we do!!"

- Jeremy P


"Purchased three bars at her table set at the FW botanical gardens. Really loved all three and regretted I had not bought more."

- Russ L.


"Beautiful artisan soap with a natural and unique fragrance. I love the man bar= charcoal blend is exfoliating and very hydrating. I love when my entire master suite is fragranced from my bath. I will be buying and trying more. I'm in love!"

- Alicha T.

"I've loved every scent that I've tried. They were the perfect gifts this Christmas and you won't disappoint! Thanks Denise and Co."

- Jesse J.

"I found One Tiny Acre at the Ft Worth Arts Goggle. I bought cinnamon pumpkin and mocha soaps.... they are wonderful! I’ve bought a lot of handmade soaps over the years and I’m certain these are my favorite. Highly recommended!"

- Chrissy H.

"I bought the nag champa soap, and I’m obsessed with it! It smells so good, and leaves my skin feelin so fresh and so clean clean! I can’t wait to buy more!"

- Natalie S.

"These soaps smell AMAZING! I was almost tempted not to use them so I could keep smelling them but I'm glad I did. They have a good lather and leave me feeling clean."

- Brooke S.


"Just bought ourselves this soap yesterday and it is amazing! My husband can’t stop talking about it to our friends. Wonderful customer service, all-natural, and smells amazing."

- Shayla P.

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